What’s the difference between topless waiters and strippers?

Since Channing Tatum graced our screens in Magic Mike, the male entertainment industry has gone through a HUGE boom. A genre that was once reserved for the occasional wild hen’s night (and never mentioned again) has become a crowd-favourite with the girls and a common, open discussion. However, there’s still plenty of misconceptions about the industry, and what it is that those in male entertainment actually do. For example, we’re often asked what the difference is between topless waiters and  strippers.

What do  male topless waiters actually do?

Essentially, their primary role is much tamer than that of a male stripper. Throughout these events, you’ll see them attending to:

  • Being topless (obviously)
  • Preparing and serving drinks
  • Flirting and conversing with guests
  • Taking photos with guests
  • Hosting party games
  • Assisting with cleaning the room
  • Assisting with setting up a room for a stripper to complete a strip show.

Don’t worry ladies; you can still have a little bit of cheeky fun with your male topless waiter on the Gold Coast. They’re usually still up for the odd body shot or two, ‘pin the tail on the hunks junk’, reverse lap dances (yes, you can show him your moves) and even removing stickers from his body with your mouth.

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What does a male stripper do?

The most obvious difference between topless waiters and a stripper is the clothing that isn’t removed. Whether at a club or a private function, when it comes to them stripping down to their birthday suit, male strippers are the ones you’ll find in charge of the show. They’re there to make your fantasy a reality. Think ridiculously hot men, sexy dance moves and a chiselled body to top it all off. Then, experience those moments of him telling you what you can and cannot touch, how you should sit and when to lay down. It’s a power play.

So, what do women want?

We’ve all been to our fair  share of hen’s parties involving topless waiters Gold Coast. Nobody is left disappointed with the entertainment that’s provided during these sessions, or left wishing they had chosen one over the other. For most, the experience is all about laughing it all off in good company, all the while appreciating some magnificent male specimens.

If you want to feel entirely in control and enjoy the idea of a genetically blessed, incredibly sculpted set of abs waiting on you and your every need,  a topless waiter is your best bet. If you want to completely let loose and have no control over what you see and when you look at it, a stripper might tickle your fancy. Do yourself a favour ladies, head up to the Gold coast – it’s time to let your freak flag fly.

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